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Executing a Successful Client Retention Strategy

Jim McMeel, Vice President of Sales, Compass Sales Solutions
Client Retention. Everyone wants it. Everyone needs it. But, is it really happening for you and your dealership? And what does it mean to your sales professionals?...Read more

Sales ERP -Simplify processes and adapt

At its most basic level, Sales ERP software integrates various functions into one complete system to streamline sales processes and provide critical information across the entire organization. Gives a global, real-time view of data that can enable companies to address concerns proactively, drive improvements, improve sales opportunities, and reduce sales processing time from prospect to close...Read more

Process Automation 2017 and Beyond

People, defined as internal and external customers, want processes and systems to be simple, fast and easy to use. We, as consultative people in a sales oriented environment, want to help our customers be more efficient.

Process automation starts with looking at where your information is and what people are doing with that information. Information, whether it is a purchase order, invoice, sales order, customer record, has to be accessible to have value. And it’s only valuable when it’s in motion... Read more

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ENX Article about SOE

Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year:  
Stone’s Office Equipment worked with CEO Juice, BEI
Services, and Compass to improve its internal processes and, in turn, the customer experience...Read more

Process Automation in 2017 and Beyond

By Sheryne Glicksman 12/12/2016

Is Your MPS Business in Decline? Why?

Ben Bounds, Regional Sales Manager


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