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Compass Sales Solutions™ is the copy and print industry’s premier sales force automation and print management software developer. Our clients are dealerships looking to increase their bottom line and monthly revenue...Read more

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Compass Sales Solutions™ has an experienced team of trainers, support technicians, developers, professional services and implementation specialist...Read more

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Increase gross profit by determining your customer’s TCO in less than 5 minutes and create professional proposals to win new opportunities...Read more Its all just a click away. Schedule your demo now

Success Stories :

Compass is the best CRM for our industry

Dean Boring, President

Boring Business Systems

Compass is the best CRM for our industry, providing customers like myself with the tools and resources needed to succeed! I would definitely recommend Sherpa to anyone who is looking for a product that will automate the entire sales process!”... Read more

Sherpa Helped Score a $115,000 Deal in Only 3 Days!

Art Diaz, Sales Consultant

Nevill Document Solutions, TX

Last year’s fastest success was with Integrity Transitional Hospital who had just signed a new 48 mo lease 6 mos prior and were unhappy with the service. Sherpa helped me analyze the entire account and provide me with an overview of what this customer was doing and needing. I was able to redistribute the volumes and equipment to critical areas while not limiting the output capabilities of the remaining areas. This transaction only took 3 days to do and was a $115,000.00 sale and my fastest turnaround over 75K!... Read more

Compass Sherpa Makes MPS Turnaround Time so Much Faster!

Tim Lamberson, Document Workflow Solutions

Advanced Office Systems Inc, PA

Compass Sherpa has become completely necessary for my continued success. In the past year we’ve taken on multiple MPS clients, thanks in large part to Sherpa. Instead of using a spreadsheet and a calculator as before, Sherpa allows our turnaround time to be much quicker and also our presentation to be much more professional and informative. Print management can be a hard sell, but one thing that helps us stand out is the great detail we’re able to provide clients in regards to cost and efficiency of their printer fleet... Read more


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News / Events: 2016

Compass is excited to hold their Annual Executing Sales Strategies Event!

Boise, Idaho – April 2016

Boise, ID – (April 2016) Compass Sales Solutions, the industry leader in sales opportunity software, is excited to be hosting their Annual Executing Sales Strategies event in Las Vegas, NV!

Our Sales Strategies event is being held August 3rd and 4th in conjunction with the BTA West Conference. We encourage you to come early and take advantage of our 2-day...Read more

Compass Sales Solutions Showcases Their Wide Array of Professional Services Options!

Boise, Idaho – MARCH 2016

Compass Sales Solutions, the industry leader in sales opportunity software, is proud to showcase their expanding collection of Professional Service options to help Customers launch and maintain virtually any aspect of their Compass Sherpa Products! In an effort to make not only using, but also maintaining our suite of products seamless, our Professional Services Department is continuing to expand their offerings...Read more

Compass Sales Solutions Announces Partnership with Clover Imaging Group

Boise, Idaho – MARCH 2016

Compass Sales Solutions, the industry leader in sales opportunity software, is proud to announce their partnership with Clover Imaging Group (CIG)! CIG, the global leader in the aftermarket imaging space has partnered with Compass, to enable mutual customers to integrate CIG’s consumable product line and pricing into their Sherpa MPS Pricebook and quickly generate complete MPS proposals. This option ensures accurate pricing data by enabling data...Read more